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Mary Jane

Director: Nancy Loitz

Scenic Designer: Haylie Aeschliman

Costume Designer: Veronica Blumberg

Lighting Designer: Julie Palczynski

Sound Designer: Joseph Vitti

Photographer: Megan Christoferson

This 2020 production of Mary Jane was my first solo scenic design. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, the production team had to take an entirely different approach. It was decided that there would not be a traditional audience in this black box theatre, but rather the production would be filmed and streamed online. With this new set of constraints, I created sitcom-like sets for each of the three locations. In doing this, we were able to have all three locations preset so that only the video cameras would need to be moved. Overall through some creative thinking and strong collaboration, the production team and myself were able to produce theatre amidst the pandemic!

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